Geographic Information System
Territorial Strategic Plan 2014/2020 of the region of La Manchuela, Spain
Participatory mapping of the region of Las Vegas, Spain
Evaluation of the services of the agricultural ecosystems
Creation of open and collaborative spaces through agriculture
Evaluation of the ecosystem services flows in rural-urban gradients: applicability to the socio-ecological planning of the territory (ECOGRADIENTS)
Spanish Inventory of Traditional Knowledge Relating to Biodiversity
Environment Program and sustainable management of natural resources, including energy. "Development of an integrated model of sustainable management of the forest and water resources identified in the territory of the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Northern Border of Guatemala"

Hello! I'm Irene


I'm a Ph.D student in socio-ecological analysis of ecosistem services at the research group Madrid Institute for Rural, Agricultural and Food Research and Development (IMIDRA). My research take part in the Social-Ecological Systems Laboratory of the Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain. My work is focused in the study  of the ecosystems services since diferent sciencies as agroecology, etnography and geographic information system.

Irene Pérez Ramírez

Research in socio-ecological analysis of ecosistem services



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Madrid, Spain

Date of Birth:



Geographic Information Technologies

Complutense University of Madrid, Spain.

Master thesis: “Cartography for social intervention: Applications to the territorial strategic plan of the region of La Manchuela”


Master's Degree


Master's Degree

Agroecology. An approach to rural sustainability.

University of Cordoba, Spain.

Master thesis: "Local knowledge and use of aromatic and medicinal plants in the south of Extremadura"

Technical Agricultural Engineering Esp.: Horticulture and Gardening.

Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain.

Research Project: "Ethnobotanical study in the indigenous community of Santa María Tzejá, Guatemala"


Bachelor of science


Office - Advanced

Adobe Illustrator- Advanced

Statistics programs - Proficient

Geoagraphic Information Sistems  - Proficient

Spanish - Mother Tongue

English - Advanced


Rural, Agricultural and Food Research and Development (IMIDRA)

Technical assistance for the mapping of agricultural ecosystem services.


Technician in cartography


Agricultural Technical Engineer

Cereales Palomo S.A.

Department of quality and certification of seeds.

Council regulator of the denomination of origin Ribera of the Duero

Grape quality control department.


Agricultural Technical Engineer